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Why Painting Your Residential Rental Homes Is Worth It

Sometimes when you’re in the property management or home rental business, it’s hard to decide whether or not to repaint the Arlington Heights home before you try to draw in new tenants. It could be the last tenant only stayed for a year, so you’re not sure if it really needs it, or it could be the home has sat vacant for some time, or you may have budget concerns to deal with.

Whatever the reason, the ultimate decision for painting the Arlington Heights home will be up to you, but you should consider one thing first… What would your potential tenants think about the current paint job? And how will your property in its current condition compare to the others they’re looking at?It’s not easy to put yourself in someone else’s shoes sometimes. But it’s necessary to do this if you’re going to take an honest look at what you can make from the residential property in the way of rental amounts and what type of tenant you’re wanting to attract to the property.

Attract Better Tenants & Better Rents With Our Quality Painting Services

If you’re like most property management or residential investors, you want to attract the highest rents possible for your properties in Arlington Heights, so of course you’ll spend time trying to decide what upgrades or repairs you have to do to get the most out of your repair budget.

You may or may not realize how important repainting is to your tenants, and you may not understand what a huge difference it makes to them when they’re looking at properties. If you put yourself in their shoes, you’ll realize they are seeing and looking at many properties, not just yours, which means your property gets compared to every other property they’ve seen in the area.

That means you need to do the most possible to make your property more appealing than those in the area. Painting is one of the least expensive ways to draw in quality tenants. When a residential customers is looking at homes to rent, they’ll love the look and smell of fresh paint and that one factor alone will stick with them when they sit down with the significant other and talk about which property to apply for.

Rent Your Residential Properties Fast With Repainting By Our Pros

Painting will always help you when you show your rental properties. It livens the home no matter what other condition the home is in. As one of the best returns for your money in Arlington Heights, repainting will help you to get the properties rented faster and help you to increase the value of the home enough to possibly bring in a better rent.

  • Better Quality Tenants
  • Quicker Property Leasing
  • Less Time On Rental Market
  • Protects Your Building Materials Better From Tenant Damages
  • Makes a Huge Impact Without Remodeling

Give our expert painters a call at Active Painting because we can evaluate your current paint job and help you with a plan to do the most for your residential rental properties without breaking your budget. The Arlington Heights area has a diverse community with varying expectations from tenants, and we can help you with that as well.

Your project needs from home to home may vary as well. Let our experts help you with your residential property painting projects and we’ll build a quality relationship with your for competitive rates that don’t sacrifice our high quality workmanship and painting products!

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