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4 Common Causes of Drywall Damage

Arlington heights drywall repair

Over extended periods of time ordinary wear and tear can take a toll on your home or office drywall, thus lessening the appeal of your room even after a professional deep cleaning. Bringing new life to your walls with a fresh vibe can be as simple as hiring an Active Painting professional painter in Arlington Heights to repair any major or minor drywall damage followed by a fresh new coat of paint, restoring your wall’s original beauty and appeal. Here are some common causes of damage to your home’s drywall and how you can protect the integrity of your walls long after the painters are gone.

  • Impacts. The average drywall is typically less than an inch in width, and even minor impacts can leave a noticeable dent or hole. A collection of these small dents over a period of time will eventually make your walls unattractive until your entire room looks drab and old. If you want to protect your wall from door knob dents, simply install a small rubber stop at the point of contact between the knob and the wall.
  • Moisture. Water damage due to plumbing leaks, roof leaks, flooding, or major water spills can also trigger mold or algae growth and deteriorate drywall much in the same way as dry rot on wood. Moisture stains can easily penetrate a new coat of paint, so it is best to treat all moisture problems, before new drywall is installed or the first coat of paint is applied. Make sure all areas are dry and leak proof. This includes treating all wood surrounding the newly installed drywall, in order to prevent further mold or algae growth. Remember, mold growth is hazardous to your health!
  • Termites. Even in Arlington Heights and the surrounding areas, termites are a valid concern for homeowners. Multiple colonies of termites of all types can occupy a property. Pest Control Companies often investigate your home for swarmers. These are a king and queen termites in search of new nesting sites in which to build further colonies. One pair of king and queen termites can create multiple colonies within a short period of time, causing widespread infestation throughout your home or your business.
  • Foundation Settling. Vertical and horizontal cracks along your wall or ceiling occur as a result of your home’s foundation settling. Sandy soil is a major cause of uneven foundations, and over time, it can cause stress cracks along the drywall. These cracks usually appear near the ceiling, usually around the corners. The cracks are easy to patch up, and Active Painting can generally repair them in no time at all.

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